Thematic visits


The historic camellias of Villa Melzi d’Eril

The refined taste for the exotic which characterises the Gardens of Villa Melzi finds its most elegant expression in the numerous varieties of historical camellias that can be admired in the park. This flower, a symbol of Oriental culture, harbinger of Spring and of the renewal of life, and source of healing, was also a protagonist of European Romanticism. Every year from February to April it paints the Villa and its Gardens with rich colours.


Botanical Heritage

The Gardens were designed in the early 1800s together with the Villa, as one single work of art that harmoniously nestles between the lake and the hills, in one uninterrupted whole. It is an ‘English-style’ garden imbued with Italian elegance in its clean and essential aesthetic. Over the following eras, the taste for the exotic so typical of Romanticism added botanical and landscaping elements from every continent, giving us one of Italy’s most fascinating and charming gardens.


Historical and Artistic Heritage

The architectures and works of art of Villa Melzi, its Gardens and its Museum, constitute a patrimony as precious as it is unique. The newly renovated Museum, its intimate character closely tied to the Melzi d’Eril dynasty, speaks to us of some of the most important events in Italian and European history, of art, culture and politics, from the Napoleonic Era to the Italian Unification, from Neoclassicism to Romanticism.