Guided tours in the Gardens of Villa Melzi in English or Italian for schools


Starting in Spring 2021 it will be possible to organise guided tours of the Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril for schools: CLIL lessons in English strolling around the grounds in collaboration with The Original History Walks® and The World of Tels, a Cultural Association of Pavia, specialised in innovative educational tourism in English.

The guided tours for schools by The Original History Walks® at the Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril have been planned specifically for school groups, bringing together storytelling, the history of the gardens and the art works situated here, as well as subjects like botany, biodiversity, the history of the Napoleonic era and the Risorgimento, the birth of the Italian flag, Romanticisim in music, literature and art, and ancient legends from all over the world, associated with the plants of the elegant and majestic Gardens where the Walks take place.

Our History Walks are nothing short of complete CLIL units, open air workshops in English or Italian, supported by a carefully planned and written programs, with activities to be done in class both before and after the visit, including a final test. The content is adapted as much as possible to the specific linguistic level of each class. The Original History Walks® are not just guided tours, but a complete educational experience.


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The History Walks repertoire of Villa Melzi d’Eril


Botanical Legends – English and Italian

The Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril are known everywhere for their beauty and the extraordinary range of plants from across the world. In all nations, on all continents, plants have been a part of folklore and traditional medicine since prehistory. We have chosen some of the most compelling stories to be listened to, in the shade of the trees themselves.

Available in English and Italian, for primary schools, middle schools and for the first year of high schools.


Biodiversity in the Heart of Elegance – English and Italian

From Linnaeus to Goethe, Mendel to Darwin, from the earliest intuitions of the scientific revolution to contemporary genetics: a journey through time and space, discovering fascinating stories about the gardens and about the great protagonists of the history of biology and biodiversity, all in the enchanting surrounds of the Gardens of Villa Melzi d’Eril.

Available in English and Italian, for the final year of middle school and for high schools.


The Birth of the Italian Nation – English and Italian

Beginning with the era of Napoleon Bonaparte, when the Melzi d’Eril family built the Villa that now bears their name, we explore the foundation of a nation, its culture and its flag, brought to life by the art, music and literature that accompanied the epoch-making events.

Available in English and Italian, for the final year of middle school and for high schools.